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Thursday, August 6, 2020

Lists for the Serious DX’er

In light of the recent discussions on the WVDXA Email Reflector about the necessity of being “in the know” in order to be a serious DX’er, I was struck by the “How’s DX?” column in the August 2020 QST.  This column is written every month by long-time WVDXA member, Bernie, W3UR.  Knowing how seldom the following entities appear on-the-air will alert you to when you need to "pull out all the stops" to work one when it does show up.

The August column gives a HUGE amount of pertinent information needed by the aspiring DX’er.  I have re-printed below (with permission) three “Lists” that can provide the DX’er with a wealth of knowledge about what countries are the rarest.  There is a good deal more valuable information in the printed “How’s DX?” column and I suggest you read it to get the most out of what Bernie, W3UR, has put together.

The following “Lists” are from the How's DX? column on pages 76-77 of the August 2020 issue of QST which is edited by WVDXA member, Bernie, W3UR.

=====  Re-printed from QST with permission. =====

Top Ten Most-Wanted List

Most of the loyal readers of this column are familiar with Club Log's Top Ten Most-Wanted List ( It's a listing of the rarest DXCC entities.  As of the end of May 2020, the top 10 most-wanted DXCC entities were (in order from 1 – 10):

P5    North Korea

3Y/B    Bouvet lsland

FT5/W    Crozet lsland

BS7H    Scarborough Reef

CEØX    San Felix lsland

BV9P    Pratas lsland

KH7K    Kure lsland

KH3  Johnston lsland

3Y/P    Peter I lsland

FT5/X    Kerguelen lsland


Inactive List

Another list that some like to follow is the top ten most-inactive countries list.  This list includes the DXCC entities that have shown no activity for the longest duration. The top ten for this list (in order by years, not time on the air) are:

CEØX    San Felix lsland (18 years)

KH3    Johnston lsland (17 years)

BV9P    Pratas lsland (16 years)

KH7K    Kure lsland (14 years)

3Y/P    Peter I lsland (14 years)

YVØ    Aves lsland (13 years)

EZ    Turkmenistan (13 years)

BS7H    Scarborough Reef (13 years)

3Y/B    Bouvet lsland (12 years)

KP5    Desecheo lsland (11 years)


Activity List

This list may be unfamiliar to most readers. It's the top ten most-wanted countries that have had one or more active amateur radio operators within this year. These countries are:

SV/A    Mount Athos (SV2RSG/A)

4U_UN    United Nations Headquarters (4U1UN)

6O    Somalia (6O1OO)

T3Ø  Western Kiribati (T3ØTM)

KH8    American Samoa (AH8M)

ZL7    Chatham Islands (ZL7DX)

S2    Bangladesh (S21ED).

Z6    Republic of Kosovo (Z61DX, Z62FB, etc.)

TT    Chad (TT8SN)

5A    Libya (5AlAL and 5AØYL)

It should be noted that there are multiple licensed amateur radio operators in Turkmenistan (EZ), however, they have not been authorized to get on the air since August 2006.  Syria (YK) has several licensed operators, but they've said they won't go back on the air until the civil war is over.  South Orkney Islands (VP8/O) has an Argentine Naval Base on Laurie Island, LUlZA, and is occasionally on the air with authorized military operators.  Tristan Da Cunha and Gough Islands (ZD9) have Andy Repetto, ZD9BV, but he has not been active for a while.


=== "Reprinted with the permission of W3UR and the ARRL. © Copyright ARRL." ===

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