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Thursday, May 29, 2008

DX Summit has a New URL

For those of you who use DX Summit to either look for current DX spots or to look back in their archives for past DX spotting information, they have moved to a NEW location on the Internet and a NEW look to the page. If you have gone to their site recently you will find you have been "re-directed" to the new location. In any event, you should CHANGE your Bookmark or your Favorite to reflect the new URL as the old one will no longer work shortly. HERE is the new URL for the homepage and HERE is the URL for the DX Spots page.

DX Summit was first launched in 1998 and has provided the DX world with a huge tool for finding that elusive DX. Now with the help of YASME they have upgraded their hardware to the latest technology and with the servers located in California, provide much faster service so your DX spots will appear on your computer much quicker. More info is available at their web site.

Don't forget to also change any other Bookmarks or Favorites you may have for "Spot Database Search" or for specific band searches.

Friday, May 9, 2008

We're losing our best 6 meter beacon

Do you 6 meter buffs realize that come February 17, 2009 we will no longer be able to tune our TV sets to an unused low channel (say channels 2, 4, 5 or 6 here in Charleston-Huntionton, WV) and wait to see a picture from far away to tell us that a sporadic E opening has made 6 meters come alive? Alas it is true.

For so many years a TV picture on an unused local channel was often our first indication of a sporadic E opening into places far, far away. But in Feburary 2009, when analog television has to shut down in favor of digital TV on new frequencies, those pictures from hundreds of miles away will fade into memories from the past like white bucks, leisure suits, Johnson Rangers and Monica Lewinsky.

Enjoy this tool again in 2008. Next year it will be gone.

We don't know what services will replace brodacast TV on those low channels, but they probably won't be anything comparable to 100,000 watt television stations. And I still need 46 entities for DXCC on 6 meters. Help?