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Tuesday, July 2, 2013

WVDXA Now Supports ClubLog

At the June 2013 meeting, Phil, W8UV, made a motion that the WVDXA send a $100 donation to ClubLog.  That motion passed unanimously.  It proved to be a bit of a hurdle to manage to make the donation but Dave, WA8WV, and Clark, W8TN, finally managed to successfully do that by setting up a ClubLog account for W8AH (the WVDXA Club Callsign) and making the donation under that call.  It now shows on the ClubLog page as you can see below and will be randomly displayed with other donors after every upload and expedition log search.  ($100 U.S. dollars is £64.13 British Pounds.)

WVDXA Donation to ClubLog
We have also added the ClubLog logo to the right-hand sidebar on the WVDXA Blog (look just below the WVDXA Members list.)  Clicking on the ClubLog logo will take you to the ClubLog main page.

In the last 3 days, two more WVDXA Members have joined ClubLog and been approved by the Membership Manager as belonging to the WVDXA on ClubLog.  In addition, one other WVDXA Member has uploaded his log to ClubLog.

If you have uploaded your log to ClubLog but your call does not appear in the Leagues, it might be that it is "hidden" from the leagues.  This is usually due to being inactive for 12 months or more, but possibly by choice of the callsign's owner.  You can fix that by clicking HERE and following the instructions.

One other benefit of uploading your log regularly to ClubLog is that it provides a backup of the basic QSO information in your log.  If you should lose your computer (AND the backup you ARE making - right?) you can retrieve the basic info from ClubLog.  You will NOT get back things like Comments, Names, Notes, QSL info, etc. but you will get the basic date, time, band, mode, call and QSL status.

Finally, if anyone has digital logs for any operations using the W8AH callsign, let Dave, WA8WV, or me, W8TN, know and we will get them uploaded to the W8AH account on ClubLog.  Does anyone want to undertake entering W8AH's logs into a digital format?  At least his 40-M QSL's could be entered without too much trouble.  All that is necessary is to just take a laptop to the Radio and TV Museum in Huntington and enter the data right from the QSL's.