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Tuesday, September 14, 2010

ZS8M - Marion Island - Penguin Photos

Bob, WA8VPN, received an email from Pierre, ZS8M today which contained 10 photos of penguins on Marion Island. Bob asked that I post them to the Blog for WVDXA members to view and get some idea of what life is like at this rare DX Location called Marion Island. Marion Island ranked THIRD on the Most Needed Countries List which makes it VERY rare indeed!

Here is the text of Pierre, ZS8M's, email:
Hi All,

Some pics of penguin activity a few months ago.
These penguins are easy targets from seals, killer
whales and shua.

Marion Island

The ZS8M log is online HERE. (Yes, WA8VPN made the log!) You can also read the ZS8M Newsletter HERE. The Newsletter contains a lot of good information about this operation and many more photos.

I have posted all 10 penguin photos to a Picasa web album. You can view them by clicking HERE. Underneath where it says "Marion Island" you can click on "Slideshow" and view all 10 images one right after the other. Click on any images on this Blog page to see them larger, then click on your BACK button to return to this page.