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Sunday, August 7, 2011

August 2011 WVDXA Meeting

WHAT a Meeting! WHAT a Group! WHAT a QTH!!! BOY, did the WVDXA pull off another Fantastic meeting! Bart, WT8V, and his wife, Sue, opened their hilltop home yesterday to the WVDXA for a long afternoon of fun, food and festivities. Some 20 members of the WVDXA descended on an unsuspecting Bart, took over his grill, and swapped stories, tall tales and commiserated over the ones that got away. Click on the above photo for a larger view then use your browser's BACK button to return to this page.

Eric, K8OHZ, gave a professional presentation of PSK31/62/125 to a rapt audience. Eric came prepared with printed handouts and CD's of software. By hooking up to Bart's antenna, he actually made some live PSK31 QSO's. Many nice comments about Eric's presentation have been posted on the WVDXA Reflector and several of the members are now working toward being able to use these modes.

This turned out to probably be one of the longest WVDXA meetings as no one wanted to leave. There was some talk about siting a WVDXA Clubhouse on the property and I think I heard someone wondering if Bart would adopt them!

Jim, K4JWA, and Mary, KD8IPW, displayed some samples of the personalized WVDXA apperal. These are ordered from Lands End and have a 100% return guarantee. If they do not fit or the name or call is wrong or whatever, Lands End will take them back. Jim and Mary are putting together an order for more Jackets and Shirts so contact them if you want to join in this order.

This was the first meeting for Dana, K8WAT, and Bennie, WD8CCC. Also, we inducted Mary, KD8IPW, officially into the WVDXA. Glad to see the new faces and welcome all of them into the group.

One sign that the meeting was well received was that before it was over, there was talk about the next one.