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Saturday, November 29, 2008

WVDXA is major sponsor of KP5 DXpedition

The WVDXA logo now appears on the "club sponsor's" page of the KP5 DXpedition web site and will appear on the QSL card for the coming operation on Desecheo Island. Thanks to at least twenty members of WVDXA well more than $1,000 was raised and was forwarded to the DXpedition by WA8WV. $500 was the sponsorship level required to be shown in logo form on the QSL and our club contributed more than double that.

As a member of the DXpedition team, and a loyal member of WVDXA, I especially appreciate the club's support. Lots of larger DX clubs around the country made much smaller donations than we did and that makes me really proud. It is an expensive proposition and the members of the team will put up more than half of the money required (far more than half if we include airline travel to the staging areas in Puerto Rico and hotel bills on the way there and back). So donations are critically needed, and big ones like WVDXA's are a wonderful help.

I am personally indebted to the following WVDXA members who chipped in to make this sponsorship a reality:


It is my hope that I work every one of you guys from KP5. I'll be listening for you!

Monday, November 24, 2008

KP5, Desecheo Is. Update

KP5, DESECHEO ISLAND (Press Release #2, November 23rd - DXpedition Dates Announced)"The U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service has notified the team that February 12-26, 2009, will be the dates allocated for the radio operation. These dates are coordinated with other USFWS research activities scheduled on other parts of Desecheo Island as well as scheduling USFWS security personnel for the camp.
Fifteen operators will be allowed on the island at any given time. A total of 6-8 stations will be operational, including 160-6 meters.
A reconnaissance trip to Desecheo is scheduled for Friday, December 19th. Three team members, USFWS personnel and an UXO (unexploded ordnance) expert will sweep and clear the assigned area of UXO and other hazards. There will be no radio operations.
The 15-man team will assemble in Puerto Rico on February 8, 2009, for mandatory UXO training. The next three days will include team operations training, and last minute preparation and staging of the several tons of equipment for transport. On February 12th, landing will commence and two stations will be immediately activated. Likewise, stations will continue to operate until the final moments before departure on February 26th.
Halfway through the operation, on February 19th, approximately half of the operating team will be replaced with fresh operators for the final week.
The team has been diligently planning antennas and propagation paths to take advantage of every possible band opening to Asia, where Desecheo is #2 on the Most Wanted List and to Europe, where it is #3 on the Most Wanted List.
Contributions are being solicited. To assist us and for the latest news, please go to the team's website:
73,Glenn Johnson, W0GJBob Allphin, K4UEEDesecheo 2009 co-leaders"