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Sunday, August 19, 2012

TWO Members of WVDXA Going to NH8S

WOOO, HOOO!  The next big-time DX'pedition looming on the horizon is the Swains Island DX'pedition, NH8S.  The web page for that operation is located HERE.  It is worthy of note that TWO of the WVDXA's finest are operators on that DX'pedition!

Hal Turley, W8HC, and Clark Stewart, W8TN, will ably represent the West Virginia DX Association on the Swains Island DX'pedition in September, 2012.  Both are seasoned DX'peditioners and you can expect them to handle the pileups with precision and skill. 

NH8S could come on the air as early as September 5th.  United Airlines changed the date of the flight from Hawaii to American Samoa for the team of 20 from Sunday to Monday.  That means they will have one less day on the island so expect them to hit the ground running.  It will be a marathon of antenna construction the first couple of days with there being some 42 vertical antenna segments and yagis to build and install plus 2 Beverages and 2 H-Z Four Square receiving antennas.  Radios will be Icom IC-7600's and amps will be Elecraft KPA500's.  This is a "Tent and Generator" DX'pedition and the operators will be sleeping on shared army surplus cots under mosquito nets on the beach!

You can find the Operating Plan including projected frequencies of operation HERE.  NH8S plans to upload their logs on a daily basis by Satellite Phone.  Those logs will be available on ClubLog or you can search from HERE.

The Membership of the WVDXA came together in exemplary fashion and supported this DX'pedition with a HUGE donation!  The WVDXA logo is shown as one of the Club Sponsors on the NH8S web site.

The WVDXA Chat Page will certainly be used a good deal during this operation.  Make sure you are set up to use that resource.  It is available by click on the blue Chat Now! icon near the top of the right-hand frame on this page.

You can read more about the Antennas to be used on Swains Island on W8TN's Blog HERE and details about "Getting Ready for Swains Island" are posted HERE.  Both Hal and I are eagerly anticipating this trip and looking forward to personally logging every member of the WVDXA!

Sunday, April 1, 2012

March 2012 Meeting a WINNER!

The March, 2012, meeting of the WVDXA was held at the Golden Corral restaurant in Cross Lanes, WV, and, by all accounts, was a huge success.  If you click on the above photo you can see a larger image.  I did not get this photo taken until some had moved out of the room (probably to get more food!)  Attendees included: Clark, W8TN, Phil, W8UV, Joe, W8QY, and his wife, Mary, Dave, W8IW, Jim, K4JWA, Garie, K8KFJ, Dave, WA8WV, Hal, W8HC, Jimmy, W8JA, and his mom, Oleta, Dana, K8WAT, Tim, K8RRT, Steve, KC8FVE, Tom, AB8RL, Eric, K8OHZ, and his daughter, Pete, K4OM, Charlie, N8RR, Bart, WT8V, Garry, W8OI, Bob, WV8BL, Mike, NU8LL, Tara, N8ULL, and their son, and Jack, N8DX.  That's a total of 26 (22 hams!) - WOW!

Jim, K4JWA, demonstrated his DX Engineering coax preparation tools and Jack, N8DX, demonstrated the K3LR method of PL-259 installation.  I think several folks picked up some tips on how to install that pesky connector.

The meeting was scheduled to be from 1 to 3 p.m.  I showed up at 12:20 p.m. to set things up and found Eric, K8OHZ, was already there.  In just minutes, Pete, K4OM, and Bob, WV8BL, showed up.  A half dozen or more were eating their lunch well before 1 p.m.  I tried to finish up the meeting close to 3 p.m. but it was after 4 before I left.  At that time, Tim, K8RRT, and Jack, N8DX, were heavily involved in antenna discussions.  Then, they retired to the parking lot where Jack demonstrated his tennis ball launcher.  I sure wish the rest of us could have seen that.  Tim said the tennis ball reached an amazing height on just 20 psi.

So, as always, the WVDXA had a fantastic meeting.  We missed those who could not attend and look forward to seeing them the next time.