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Saturday, February 28, 2009

Latest WVDXA Meeting

I'm not much of a writer, but I wanted to get it started. Please add your comments and make this better.

There was a great turnout today at N8RR's qth. What a great place and antennas in all directions. We had a good meal and a lot of good fellowship. I really enjoyed seeing everyone and exchanging stories.

Monday, February 23, 2009

Aves Island, YWØA, Coming in March

OK, now that everyone has pretty much finished the warm-up exercise of Desecheo, the next "Big One" is fast approaching. YWØA will start up soon (probably in March) for a week by a large (more than 15 operators) and well-equipped team. The opening page of their web site has a FANTASTIC photo of the island. CLICK HERE to see that. To just go straight to the main web page without loading the big photo each time, CLICK HERE.

I think this is the first major DX'pedition to use the FT-2000 transceivers. They will have three of the FT-2000's and three FT-950's. Four amps will also be there.

They have requested to be allowed to be active for a full week. But, as always, WFWL (Work First, Worry Later.) In other words, you need to jump on this one quickly. Since transportation to and from Aves Island is provided by the Venezuelan Navy, the DX'pedition's exact operating dates are under military control.

Click on the "About Aves Island" link to see photos of the island and the "military base" which stands up on "piles." This facility houses the visiting scientists and radio operators.

The log will also be uploaded to LoTW within a reasonable time after the operation.