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Friday, January 1, 2016

WVDXA is NO. 1 in Club Leagues on Club Log

The West Virginia DX Association (WVDXA) has now achieved the TOP of the Club League listing on Club Log.  Currently there are 110 clubs worldwide listed there and the fact that the WVDXA has reached the top of that listing is MAGNIFICENT!

We are certainly not an "old" club and not one with a huge membership.  But, the "DX Flame" burns strongly in all our members.  The camaraderie of this tightly-knit group of DX'ers is un-matched!  Those in the group who have been DX'ing for as much as 60 years are just as willing to help the newcomers as anyone else.

CONGRATULATIONS, guys!  This is the result of an untold number of hours of sweat, tears, and just plain hard work to put together your stations and to dig out those weak signals.

We ARE Number ONE!