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Saturday, July 24, 2010

July 24th Meeting/Picnic

Boy, is my belly full! Even though the temperature was flirting with 100° today, it was hardly noticed by the 16 WVDXA members who convened for a meeting at the QTH of Jim, K4JWA, in Barboursville, WV. This is surely one of those excellent WVDXA meetings that will be talked about for months to come. Jim, K4JWA, and his wife, Mary, KD8IPW, graciously opened their home to the marauding band of hungry DX'ers who descended upon them for several hours. As always with the WVDXA, the food and drink were plentiful and delicious.

To the left you can see K4JWA's new tower and antennas. Above you can see those who attended, with the exception of Phil, W8UV, who managed to escape before I pulled out my camera. Click on any photo to see a larger version and then use your BACK button to return to this page. Left to right we have: W8OI, K4OM, W8IW, N8RR, WA8WV, K8OHZ, W8JA, K4JWA (white shirt), KC8WDT (plaid shirt), KC8UHE, KC8FVE, W8TN, W8QY, WA8ZDL, and W8HC.

W8OI's wife, Nancy, WB8GSD, and W8TN's wife, Evelyn, were also there as well as K4JWA's wife and W8JA's mom. The menu included hot dogs, hamburgers, fresh fruit salad, broccoli salad, macaroni salad, deviled eggs, brownies, chocolate chip cookies, two kinds of baked beans, potato salad, pie and more that I can not remember. Plenty of drinks (leaded and unleaded) were also available. Jim, K4JWA, forgot to tell us to bring our trunks for a dip in the pool but with no shade to be found over the pool, I doubt if anyone would have jumped in.

The big news is that we decided on club shirts with WVDXA logos. Jim, K4JWA, had obtained three different color shirts from Land's End and we decided for the club to go with the "Tan" color and Dark Blue print for the Name/Callsign over the pocket. Orders were taken by Mary and if you want one of your own, contact Jim, K4JWA, with your information (size, shirt color, name, and call.) The price is $51 each which covers the shirts, tax and shipping to K4JWA. If there is any excess, it will go back into the treasury. We also voted to reimburse Jim, K4JWA, for the $175 "Logo Setup" fee he paid to get this project going. You can see the shirt (in white) on the right. Jim did not have on the "Tan" color shirt but the group decided that one looked the best with our logo.

Pete, K4OM, graciously passed on his "I Worked a JA on 6-M" badge to Charlie, N8RR. Charlie brought his JA QSL for Show and Tell and now has the honor of being the most recent club member to work Japan on the Magic Band.

So, we all laughed, ate, drank, told stories, and learned a few things as well. Another fabulous get-together of the WVDXA. If you missed this one, be sure you make it to the next.