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Monday, February 8, 2021

WVDXA Supports Clublog Again

Upon unanimous consent of the membership, 'da Prez made a donation to Clublog in the name of the WVDXA in the amount of $102.01 U.S. (£71.27 British Pounds).  This will help support the operation of this great resource that many of us use at least weekly (if not daily!)  The extra $2 in this donation was to make up for a $98 donation in the past.  Currently the WVDXA has donated a total of $700 to Club Log over the last 9 years.

Below are comments about the expenses of Clublog from their website:

There are two main areas of cost: equipment costs for the servers, and running costs for the hosting and electricity.

Club Log's equipment costs have been covered with significant donations by DX foundations. The running costs are all paid by Club Log users who choose to donate. Just 1% of Club Log's users make a donation each year — please consider becoming one of them!

vy 73,

Michael, G7VJR 

Equipment costs

Club Log runs on two high-performance Intel servers. A new primary server was purchased in October 2019 at a cost of £8,500 (approximately $11,000). Additional parts costing £2,000 were also purchased.

A more full description of the hardware required by Club Log can be found HERE.  If you have not thought about what is behind these web resources you regularly use, it's worthwhile to check out the above link.

As you can see below, our donation has already been accepted.

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