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Thursday, October 4, 2007

W8TN Works 9UØA on 30-M/40-M

Never say NEVER! The only antenna I have at the new QTH is an 80-M Inverted "V" that Tim, KC8UHE, helped me string up so that I could work 3B7C. Well, tonight I had some time so I thought I would see if I could "tune" the antenna to work 9UØA on 30-M. It was not easy, the best match I could get was 2.6 : 1 even WITH the tuner. But, after many, many tries, I made the QSO! I then tried it on 40-M and was able to get a 1 : 1 match with the tuner. But, many more people were calling and even with the Alpha at 1 kW output, it took an hour. But, I snagged a 40-M contact as well. HOORAY! Now if they will just show up on 80-M where my antenna is resonant!

Update. They did come on 80-M but were pretty weak. I stuck with them through their sunrise (they peaked nicely) but had no luck working them on the band for which my antenna is cut. Go figure!

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