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Sunday, October 28, 2007

Did You Work the CQWWDX Phone Contest?

Did anyone else in the WVDXA work the CQWWDX Phone Contest besides Hal (as 4XØC) and myself? Leave a comment to this Post if you did. I managed about 5 hours on Friday night and entered a single-band 80-M log with 69 QSO's and 10,208 points. I managed to work 43 countries and 15 Zones including a QSO with C5ØC for a new one! Did anyone else operate? I heard W8GG calling in the same pileups I was in so I know Gregg was up all night, hi!

1 comment:

W8OI said...

I made about thirty Q's. Some of it while testing equipment but I did pick up three new band/entities.