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Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Contests for Non-Contest Purposes

Many DX'ers are NOT Contesters. They just want to work new band-countries and not run up a score in a contest. But, a contest is a great place to fill those holes in your DXCC Credit Report. A contest many times brings operations on bands where you may not usually find a particular DX station. So, use the contests as a tool to pick up those much needed contacts.

A good way to plan for a contest is to see what operations are being planned by those people who like to travel to a rare (or not-so-rare) DX location and play radio. HERE is a web site that lists those planned operations. There you can find the plans for these operations and many times the callsigns they will use. Other useful info is also available (like whether they plan WARC band operation before or after the contest.)

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