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Saturday, October 13, 2007

The Art and Skill of Radio-Telegraphy

Ever want to improve your ability to copy Morse code? I know I have, and do, want to improve my meager skills. A recent post to the DX-List email reflector by AD5VJ, got me to look into it a bit more. HERE is an ARRL article that talks about copying high-speed code on a "mill" (typewriter) and in it they mention THIS web site where you can download for free (or purchase a printed copy) of a book by NØHFF described as "A Manual For Learning, Using, Mastering And Enjoying The International Morse Code As A Means Of Communication."

You can download either a web-page version or a PDF version. I chose to download the PDF version and at first glance, it appears very well written. I'll be reading this as time permits and trying, little by little, to improve my CW skills so that I can more easily chase that elusive DX.

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