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Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Contest Keyboard Overlays

Have trouble in the contest remembering which F-key will send the message you want? Then download THESE Excel templates for the program you are using, print them out and attach one to your keyboard. They are created in Microsoft Excel and if you do not have a version of Excel on your computer, you can download a free "reader" from Microsoft HERE. There are two versions available for each program, the ones marked "5 per page" simply have the same overlay repeated 5 times so you can just print out 5 copies on one sheet of paper. If you have Excel then you can modify the contents of any of the "cells" to display text that fits your own station. For example, you can replace the words "my call" in the template with your own callsign. Of course, you can also modify this concept to fit your general logging program!

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