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Tuesday, October 2, 2007

VP6DX Ducie Is. News Release No. 4

It looks like the VP6DX operation in February 2008 will be using the new Elecraft K3 transceivers for their 7 stations. Five of those stations will have Acom amps. They plan to operate 160-M through 6-M so it's time to get those antennas tuned up and ready for this big operation. Unfortunately Jan, DJ8NK and Martti, OH2BH had to withdraw but they still have a great team consisting of: DL3DXX, DL6FBL, DL6LAU, DL8LAS, ES5TV, K3NA, N5IA, RA3AUU, SP3DOI, SP5XVY, SV1JG, UA3AB and WA6CDR.

The operation plans to have online logs and has a goal of making at least 100,000 QSO's. However, as with any major operation, this will be expensive. $140,500 for the boat charter (including food, fuel, generators and tents)!

The WVDXA has received a request for a donation toward the costs of this operation. I can forward the PDF donation request to anyone who is interested. Does the club want to put together a group donation? If so, let me know and I will take care of it. We can take a collection at the upcoming meeting as well.

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