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Tuesday, October 9, 2007

W8TN Snags 9UØA on 80-M

WOW! With just hours left before their DX'pedition ends, I took one last try to see if 9UØA was on 80-M Monday night and they had a very good signal about 0140 GMT. 10 minutes later, they were in the log! And, 4 hours after that, my 80-M QSO appeared in the ONLINE LOG.

I feel really good to have worked them on 30-M, 40-M and 80-M considering I only have an 80-M Inverted "V" with a 6:1 SWR on the low end of 80-M. This is really getting me interested in finishing the installation of the SteppIR. Then I can work them on all bands like W8DL, hi! But, the moral of this post is that even if you don't have the best antenna, give it a try - you might just get lucky!

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