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Friday, October 5, 2007

View Your LoTW Account Offline

Have you ever wanted to look at your Logbook of the World DXCC Award Credit Matrix when you are not logged in to your LoTW account? Well, here is a simple way to do that. When you are viewing the ARRL Award Credit Matrix in your Internet browser, go to the "File" menu of your browser and click on "Save Page As. . . " (in Mozilla Firefox) or "Save As. . ." (in Internet Explorer.)

That will save the entire web page including the data. Then, you can call it up on your computer by just clicking on the saved page and have the scrollable credit report in front of you any time you want without needing to log in to LoTW. It will look exactly the same as it does when you are logged in. Save a new page as often as your records change.

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