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Saturday, October 20, 2007

N1MM Contest Logging Program

As demo'd at the October WVDXA Meeting, the N1MM FREE Contest Logging Program is available for downloading HERE. The program is NOT a general logging program but intended to handle your contest logging. The resulting log can easily be imported into your general logging program or uploaded to LoTW. It supports all major DX contests, interfaces with your rig, uses your sound card as a Digital Voice Keyer, automatically generates CW messages, supports RTTY and other digital modes, produces automatic beam headings, sunrise/sunsets and Band Maps from Packet and Telnet spots and MUCH more. Those at the meeting saw how easy it is to load the voice messages with just a couple of keyboard clicks.

BTW, did I mention that this program is FREEWARE? That means NO CHARGE. It also has an extremely detailed 389 page manual as a PDF file. Check out all the Features of the program HERE. Use the Menu (Home, Support, Help Files, Downloads, etc.) at the top of the MAIN page to navigate to all the various features.

I have paid BIG money for contest logging programs that do not have 10% of the features of N1MM. And NONE of them have the documentation this program has. It is cheap at 10 times the price (that's 10 times $0.00 in case you missed the fact that this program is FREE.) Even if you already have a Contest Logger, you should at least LOOK at this program. You just may be very surprised.


K4OM said...

What was the name of the other program, which had a whole group of applications?

W8OI said...

Clark, you mentioned at the meeting that you would let us know how to get the ham-assisting freeware tool bars that you demonstrated. I'd sure like to have one of them.

W8TN said...

The "other" program was DX Lab Suite which can be found here:

The toolbars are the HamInfoBar found here:

and the HamLinks toolbar found here:

I'll Post to the Blog further details about all of these later.