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Saturday, March 28, 2009

VK9LA - Lord Howe Island

The VK9LA DX'pedition is now well underway. Some of the WVDXA have worked them on at least one band and WVDXA callsigns are already showing up in the online log HERE. They have had some equipment problems already but are continuing to brave the QRN to hand out QSO's from Lord Howe Island. Don, N1DG, the VK9LA Pilot has written about the equipment: "The ACOM [amp] was DOA and one AL811H blew a tube. One IC7000 has failed after 2 days. So while their equipment means less coverage of the bands, they will always be on LF bands QRO."

You can listen to some of what they are dealing with as Stan, SQ8X, one of the VK9LA Operators has posted some MP3 files on his Blog HERE. He also has posted several photos of their operation. The main VK9LA web page is located HERE. GL to all who need this one.

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