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Sunday, March 29, 2009

QSL'ing "Hints"

I've been doing some "QSL Catchup" tonight and thought I'd post a few "Hints" for those who may not be aware of these resources. If you have any "Hints" that I have overlooked, send them to me or the WVDXA Reflector and I'll modify this Post.
Pathfinder Web Client allows you to enter the call you need a QSL route for just once and check a dozen sources of information. Very handy to check and see if several sources have the same info before you spend the bucks to mail the QSL.
IRC/GS Chart will give you information about the number of IRC's or "Green Stamps" needed to get that precious QSL back to you. This page also has some neat "Conversion" lists to help you identify that old QSL or that Russian QSL to tell what country it is for. You can download the IRC/GS chart in a Spreadsheet format so you don't need to be online to use it.
N6DHC's IRC Chart is another page similar to the one above. And, K4HB's List is even more extensive with a note that some of his information comes from Bill Plum.
HB9BZA's LoTW User List is a great place to check and see if the station you need a QSL from is a known user of LoTW. Save those stamps and Green Backs!
Addressing International Mail is a page on the U.S. Postal Service web site that gives information on how to address an envelope for international mailing. I'm sure we all know not to put callsigns on the envelope and to make it look like it is mail that does not contain anything valuable to prevent it being pilfered.
N6HB's IRC Primer gives some basic information about the IRC. HERE is a link to a photo of what the current IRC's look like. Note, unlike the old IRC's that never expired, the current IRC can only be redeemed through December 31, 2009. I plan to use up my stock of IRC's before June to give the receiving station time to exchange them.
QSL'ing Tips is a compilation of tips that were posted on the DX Reflector.
Finally, for the trusty old Buro route, here is the ARRL Outgoing Buro information. This is the most economical way of exchanging QSL cards (except for LoTW) and you also need to keep envelops on file at the 8th Region Buro. Doing that alone may result in some QSL's arriving at your door that you never even sent for!

I'm sure some of you have even better ideas than those I've listed here. If so, please share them with the other WVDXA members by posting to the Reflector or emailing me directly. DX IS - but you need to QSL!

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