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Saturday, March 14, 2009

K4M, Midway Island, October 2009

Woo, Hoo! The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service has authorized another DX'pedition to a rare DX location, Midway Island. This will be the first radio activity from this location in 10 years! A team of 19 operators will have 10 days to work the world.

This will be a VERY expensive operation. Travel to Midway is only allowed by chartered aircraft and the size of the aircraft will only allow transportation of the team. Equipment will need to be sent by ship some months ahead. This leads to high expenses for transportation, daily fees and other USFWS charges. If you can afford to do so, please consider a donation for this operation. I would like to see the WVDXA come together like we did for Desecheo and make a substantial donation on behalf of the WVDXA. So, start putting your spare change in a piggy bank now.

Midway is 5,300 miles from West Virginia. That means it will be a little more difficult to work than Desecheo but not much more difficult than Hawaii. Since the operation is scheduled for October, propagation should be good on all bands. But, with only 10 days to work the group, you need to be prepared.

Team members are AA4NN, EA1IR, DJ9ZB, KH7U, KI6TVS, KL2A, N1DG, N4PN, N4XP, N6GQ, N7CQQ, WB4JTT, W6KK, W6OSP, WA7NB, W8CAA, W8GEX, WA8NJR, and OK1KT. Off site support is being provided by AA1V, W5DNT and W6XA. A web site has been established HERE.

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