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Sunday, November 25, 2007

WVDXA Exclusive Telephone Call-Out List for E4

Alan, W8OP, has graciously agreed to set up a Telephone Call-Out list for WVDXA members for the upcoming E4, Palestine, DX'pedition. This is the procedure which worked so well for us on the VU7 and BS7H operations (well, except for the poor lady in Lincoln County who kept getting the 5 a.m. wake up calls instead of W8WEJ!)

If you want to be included in the Call-Out List, send your telephone numbers, and all pertinent info to Alan, W8OP, at (change -at- to the @ symbol of course.)

The Call-Out list works like this: K4OM hears the E4 on 20-M. Pete looks at the Call-Out list and sees he is to call W8OI and he does. This alerts Garry to the E4 operation. Garry in turn calls the next on the list, W8WEJ, to alert John. If Garry does not get an answer, he then calls the person John should call (for example, W8TN) and alerts Clark. Clark then calls the next person on the list and so on.

Once you get on the air, also get on the WVDXA Chat Page and be ready to pass real-time info back and forth to other WVDXA Members. Good luck to all with the E4 Operation and THANKS to Alan for setting up the Call-Out List which will be published on the WVDXA Email Reflector.

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