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Saturday, November 10, 2007

Kick up Your CW Skills for the CQWWDX Test

At the WVDXA meeting in October, I demo'd a couple of CW training programs for the PC. One has been around for some time - Morse Runner. However it simulates a full QSO. This is good but for a change of pace, try - RufzXP. This is an interesting concept to improving your CW skills. It sends an actual ham callsign which you type into the keyboard then press Enter. If you got it right, you get a Happy Face and the next call is sent just a little bit faster. You can choose how many calls it sends and the starting speed. Then after the run you get scored. It keeps track of your scores for you so you can track your improvement. This doesn't take a long time and can be run many times just to improve your ability to copy call signs.

1 comment:

WA8VPN said...

I downloaded the rufzxp file and it is really fun to run. I'm sure it will help me do contests on cw