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Sunday, November 18, 2007

What Are Some of Your Most Prized QSL's?

A recent email from K8KFJ got me thinking - [DANGER, Will Robinson!] What are some of the QSL's you have received that are your "Most Prized" ones. Garie, K8KFJ, remarked, "One of my most prized DX QSLs would be ZA2RPS worked in June of 1971 on 20m SSB. We're told that shortly after this operation began, it was shut down by the Albanian authorities. Further, that there was no other operation from ZA until some 30 years later (ZA1A in 1991)."

So, leave a comment to this Post about your "Most Prized" QSL. If this subject sparks enough interest, send W8TN a JPG of the QSL and I'll post it on the Internet for all to see and enjoy.


Steve - K0CS said...

I worked YI1BGD in Iraq over 25 years ago on 20 meters. Like others, after many months, I didn't received a QSL card. I talked our DX Club into printing some YI1BGD QSL cards and sending them to Baghdad. Sure enough, the YI1BGD QSL cards started arriving from Baghdad. The card was white with basic green printing. The cards were printed by Raum's Printing out of Philadelphia, PA. Sometimes you just have to take the bull by the horns.

K4OM said...

I think my most prized QSL is from VK2QF (now VK2SIX). Six meters was open to KH6 and I had worke them all so I tuned about looking for more. A CW signal appeared about 50.102. It was VK2QF calling CQ. I had no key available so I called him on SSB. He came back on SSB and we exchanged reports before he faded out. He was in for 45 seconds and said later it was 5 hop e and 2 hop f skip.

WA8VPN said...

I have so many memorys of the excitement of the chase and sometime winning and sometime loosing. I would be glad to share some of them in person with you all.