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Friday, September 28, 2007

NØHR's DX'pedition Map

Here is an interesting Internet tool for looking at DX'pedition info. NØHR has a map on his web site that displays a small white dot for each current DX'pedition. You can click on that spot and a window will pop-up showing all the details for that operation including dates of the operation, QSL info and website among other things. Here is what the map looked like on September 21 after I clicked on the dot for 3B7C:The map can be found HERE and requires the latest version of Flash player. If you do not have Flash installed, there is a link on the top of that page where you can install it for free.

Note that there is a slider at the bottom of the map. You can move it to some future date and DX'pedition dots will pop up and then disappear. When you see a dot at some location (or the date) you are interested in, let the slider stop and click on the dot. Nice presentation.

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