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Saturday, September 22, 2007


Greetings from 'da Prez.

The WVDXA now has another Internet tool to help with the search for that elusive DX. This is the "Official" Blog of the West Virginia DX Association! BTW, "Blog" is short for "Web Log."

I hope that many different people will step up and begin posting to this Blog all the Hints and Kinks they use to work those rare (and not-so-rare) DX stations.

Anyone who wants to be able to post to this Blog need only contact W8TN and get an account set up. If you would rather not go to that extent, you can just send an email to one of the Blog Authors listed under the "Who Are We?" heading at the bottom of the Blog and they will post it for you.

The great thing about this Blog is that all these jewels of wisdom will be available for all time in the Archives of this Blog so you can easily find it later. Put your thinking caps on and let us know what you would like to see posted here.

Now, save the link to this page in your Favorites or Bookmarks so you can check back regularly.


K4OM.Pete said...

I think this could be a handy resource.

W8XF said...

I added the URL to