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Wednesday, June 4, 2008

WVDXA Invades the Dayton Hamvention

The 2008 Dayton Hamvention saw a HUGE number of WVDXA Members attend. It seemed like you could hardly turn a corner on the flea market or pass a vendor's booth that you didn't run into a club member. Many were congregated around Rick, W8ZT's, flea market space as it appeared to be the "home base" for those in the flea market. The DX Dinner had no less than TWELVE WVDXA members in attendance! Here are a couple of shots of the two tables it took to hold all of us. BTW, Hal, W8HC, was not in his seat for this photo and, of course, I was behind the camera.

Hal previously posted a list of all WVDXA members he spotted at this year's Hamvention and it included: W8TN, WA8WV, WA8VPN , WA8ZDL, K4OM, W8FG, K8OQL, WB8JPJ, KØCS, KC8UHE, W8OP, K8TW, W8GG, W8OI, W8HC, AB8RL, W8ZT, W8HYX, K4KL, KC8FVE, W8UI, K8MN, and N8NN, for a Grand Total of TWENTY-THREE WVDXA Members. Obviously, the group made its mark this year in force!

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