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Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Staying On Top of the DX Ladder

Gregg, W8GG, and Clark, W8TN, have been posting to the WVDXA Reflector about their successes in working the VP6DX - Ducie Island DX'pedition. However, without any fanfare, the elder statesman of the WVDXA, Bob, W8QHG, is keeping pace and probably staying ahead of a lot of the club. Bob got up at 5 a.m. this morning and snagged VP6DX on 20-M, 40-M and 75-M SSB! Then, just for good measure, he made a contact with TI9KK - Cocos Island on 20-M SSB on his FIRST CALL!Always dapper, here is Bob at his station in 1937. For those without access to a calculator, that's SEVENTY YEARS AGO! And, he's STILL workin' the DX with as much enjoyment as he had then. When I talked to him this afternoon, he was pursuing VP6DX on 17-M CW. GO, Bob, GO!

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