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Friday, January 18, 2008

100 Most Needed Countries - Worldwide

The latest edition of DX Magazine's Most Needed Countries list is now available HERE (scroll down a bit to see the list.) The current DX'pedition to J5, Guinea Bissau, is listed as No. 100 so it will definitely not make the list next year. And, my nemesis, P5, North Korea, has climbed to No. 1 at the Top of the List. It is also interesting to note that BS7, Scarborough Reef, fell from No. 1 to only No. 8. There must still be a lot of DX'ers that need it. Check over the list and see where those countries you need stack up with all the DX'ers around the world.


K4OM said...

I need: 1, 10, 16, 36,37, 48

K4OM said...

Our members have worked #27,32,70,75 and 84 on 6 Meters from that list.
Some may have worked #3 and 7 too.

Papa November said...

Pete, looks like we have a very good guoup of DX'ers DXis