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Tuesday, December 18, 2007

A NEW DXCC Entity - Saint Barthelemy, FJ

Bernie, W8UR, is reporting in The Daily DX that we have a NEW entity on the DXCC list as of today. Basically France changed the status of FJ, Saint Barthelemy, which previously counted as FJ, FS - Saint Martin. Now it appears that FJ and FS will be separate countries and we have a NEW one!

As you probably guessed, Martii, OH2BH, and Olli, OHØXX, have traveled to Saint Barthelemy and should begin operation today around 1600 GMT as FJ/OH2AM. Initial operations will be on 20-M SSB and 17-M CW to give as many as possible a NEW counter for Christmas! (And you thought Santa was only putting a piece of coal in your stocking this year!) DX IS!

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